Have you ever noticed that this city has a horrible stench?

It’s rotten to its core.

In the past year alone, the amount of free-range garbage in Los Santos has nearly doubled. We are being encapsulated by an ever-spreading patina of filth. Who are the main culprits? Is it careless citizens littering? Maybe lazy sanitation workers?


It’s businesses. Our city’s organizations are lazy and careless. They do not practice waste management – they practice waste accumulation. Ingredients are gathered and left to rot, garbage overflows from bags and bins, and every dark corner is a landfill.

Below is photographic evidence of waste neglect gathered over the course of an intense undercover investigation throughout the past thirty-six hours. I have been hurt, and I have been threatened – the powers that be do not want the truth to be exposed. But I will not be silenced.

See what this city is becoming. It’s time to call for city hall to act and regulate these trash tyrants.

Ammunation – exterior. Trash bags, loose garbage, a cardboard box – all well outside the designated trash collection area.
Ammunation – interior. Four coffee cups are strewn haphazardly about the room, and they look as though they’ve been abandoned for some time – the only person in this establishment is the proprieter.
Bahama Mama’s – exterior. Trash is strewn about like the salt on a margarita’s rim.
Bahama Mama’s – interior. Inside the business, untouched drinks sit around exposed to the open air long after closing time. Will these be served to tomorrow’s patrons?
Burger Shot – exterior. This strip of grass is not trash bin adjacent – it’s on the other side of the lane. Loose garbage has settled in regardless.
Burger Shot – interior. These meals have hardly been touched. They are cold. Almost every table is adorned with ghosts of meals past – all certainly soon destined for the grass strip by the alley.
Mirror Park Tavern – exterior. The footprint of the garbage patch extends far beyond the edge of the bin. No one is around to witness it as a grease-soaked newspaper page is picked up by the wind and carried over the chainlink fence at the edge of the lot.
PDM – exterior. Boxes sit, assembled, far from any cardboard collection bin. Various fast food wrappers have either been blown into the alley or cast aside by a salesmen on a lunch break.
Mission Row Police Department – exterior. Public agencies are no exception to this culture of clutter – these bags, bins, and boxes are far from any marked trash area.
Mission Row Police Department – exterior. Where the designated garbage area is found, still-constructed boxes and overflow bags fill the alley and emit a foul odor. Could this be body parts? Weapons? Burger shot leftovers? Who can say.
Rooster’s Rest – exterior. No sign of a garbage bag anywhere – maybe it burst and scattered all of this packaging.
Rooster’s Rest – exterior. That would be the more charitable explanation. But it’s clear up close that no, this trash was carried out loose.
Rooster’s Rest – exterior. Look who’s been eating Burger Shot. Couldn’t be a customer – they wouldn’t let you bring it in. The theme of no garbage containment strategy continues.

Rooster’s Rest – exterior. The sad stacks of wooden and plastic trays tell the story of an establishment that casts its garbage to the wind.
Up n’ Atom – exterior. Second to last alphabetically, it’s also the most egregious example of rubbish overstaying its welcome. The trash has piled as high as the garbage bins, with more on top. Pallets, full boxes, scattered packaging.
Up n’ Atom – exterior. Different bins, the same scene.


Up n’ Atom – exterior. Even far from where the trash is collected, the trash collects.
Vanilla Unicorn – exterior. This late-night hotspot is also a hotspot for yesterday’s leftovers.
Vanilla Unicorn – interior. The business is closed, and no one is home. Food is left out on the counter. Will your next drink have garbage in it?


This is a call to action.

Two-step solution to #garbagegate:

  1. Regulate business waste by requiring reporting of any spoiled or wasted goods.
  2. Pay sanitation workers more.

Will city hall rise to the challenge?

– turkeyvulture