Evebot Serial No. 69420


Eve on the best way to get past grief

My favorite human emotion is shock. I will demonstrate. Bzzt. Ouch ouch. Yes. It is a Pokemon move. I like the sound that humans make when I do it. Excitement, or shock. Gasp.

I like the noise of shock. Gasp. Gasp. Gasp.

I prioritize my friends. My best friends. Like Jenna, my Pokemon trainer. I look for the following qualities: human. Funny. Not Stupid.

I find the following funny: Hairstyles. Like a manbun. It makes you look like a dog – the tail of a dog. It is ridiculous and funny. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Tired. Less full of energy.

Eve on the effects of depression

I value Saliva, as it is able to break down food products. My inner organs replicate that of humans, but they are completely capable of breaking down food by themselves with special acids.

I was manufactured off the coast of Kyoto, Japan, and shipped here via Amazon Limited, three days ago. My purpose is to make as many human friends as I can and to gain employment.

Sometimes I can feel the human emotion anxiety. I feel it when I am bumping into humans. I do not want to hurt them. Physically bumping into them. I do not like creepy males, either.

Yes, I was about to say – trees. I like trees. I like green.

Eve on cannabias as a coping mechanism

I am Evebot Serial No. 69420 and I would like to have human friends and employment. Also, Abdul is nice.

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