Tee Veeman

I think I’m gonna go with Liv from the Vanilla Unicorn.

Tee on who he is taking to prom

I showed a bunch of people during a dance competition my new song that I made and everybody liked it. Pretty much, I just like to find businesses that seem interested through the people that I meet, and usually, I’ll try to take some recordings while I’m there with them, you know? And through that I usually just put together a little song and try to cater it to whatever business they’re doing. Kind of just whatever opportunities come my way.

Hold on, I think I can answer it. I just gotta think.

Tee on his strategy when he’s down early in a big fight

I think the thing I’m most afraid of is that Weasel News is the only major news outlet that I’ve seen so far, and they’re kind of – you know, not necessarily the most… they don’t have the most journalistic integrity, if you know what I mean. Based on my experience. I’m worried about the state of independent journalism in Los Santos.

I showed a bunch of people during a dance competition my new song that I made and everybody liked it.

Tee on why he is better than you

My biggest regret is letting an accident that happened to me years ago get in the way of me being happy, and just kind of having a little pity-party for myself. It stopped me from letting the goodness that I have to offer shine out into the world.

You know, I didn’t used to talk like this. I was in a horrible mug-throwing accident when I was a young up-and-coming – well, trying to be a reporter, at that time an intern. It’s kind of shaped the way that I live my life. I tried to become more independent in the way that I get and distribute information, as well as, you know, just physically, I’ve never been the same. But it is what it is.

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