Koji Parker

I start bleeding sometimes, and if it’s like a little bit of blood, I’ll just lick it up, so that way it doesn’t hurt anymore. But I wouldn’t say I would lick any other kind of bodily fluids.


Generally I decide to take on a project by the looks of the vehicles and kind of just the premise. I’ve done some film shoots before. It depends how much creativity I’m able to get with them. Like, if somebody asks me to do just one certain thing, usually I’ll still help them out just because I like helping people out and I like doing it. But if it’s, like, only that one thing and I can’t do anything else on my own, I don’t really enjoy those as much. It’s like, the more creativity I get with it the more enjoyable it is and usually the better it turns out.

My creativity is always with me, I guess – if that’s a thing. I feel like I’m always going around taking pictures. I’ll just be randomly on my bike and all of a sudden I’ll just see something cool and just take a picture of it, and then it turns out to be really nice. And then usually I’ll add it to my portfolio if it looks good.

I attend ULSA – I’m going for a major in fine arts and journalism.


I’m a really good photographer. I’m planning on starting a little photography business situation here soon. I have a portfolio already for people to preview. I’ll be posting that around and stuff.

I’m thinking of naming it No Style.

I wish people in Los Santos were a little bit more friendly. There’s a lot of angry people I’ve encountered.

Koji on reactions to his personality

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